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Discover how myNexus reporting tools benefit assessment of investment opportunities and the teams behind them

Evaluating Business Plans

Assessing individuals and teams

Investing in ventures relies on evaluation of historic data which may not be an indicator of future performance particularly with innovative new products and services.

ESI Reports profiles strengths and weaknesses of entrepreneurial skills and traits providing context for the evaluation of the likely success of a business plan.

Gaps in desirable skills can be sense-checked to plans in place to minimise risk of venture failure and target resources required to enable success.

Overcome process bias of under-represented founder in-access to investment, by providing data points that validate their skills and mitigate errors of judgement.

  • Observe process engagement as a proxy for commitment
  • Highlight areas of team requiring more support
  • Understand individual suitability for role(s)

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Did you know?

A ‘good looking’ man is 36% more likely to receive funding than an ‘ugly’ man, however attractiveness in females doesn’t impact likelihood of investment. Yet female founded teams still receive only around 10p in the £1 of investment from VCs, and female investors follow the same bias pattern in questioning as male investors.

Source: Brooks, Alison Wood, et al. "Investors prefer entrepreneurial ventures pitched by attractive men." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) 111, no. 12 (February 2014): 4427-31.

myNexus Cohort Reporting

Improving performance

Discover teams and individuals with the entrepreneurial skills that elevate business performance and improve outcomes.

Removing bias

Evaluate using data and avoid making decisions based on comfort; improving portfolio diversity and reducing lost opportunity.

Team success

Engage people with personal insights that ensure right-fit for role, and highlight undiscovered skills and potential.

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