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User guides and additional resources provide enhanced support to determine next steps and opportunities to take from your comprehensive report.

Individual Reports Dashboard

Benchmarked to scientifically validated psychometrics

Entrepreneur types are derived from deep analysis of your game-play data producing scores against



Everything you need to succeed

What could be better than taking control of your own data? We’ve built a system that’s designed to make a real difference to achieving your potential.

Development advice

Unique to your personality, provides practical suggestions for ways to grow your skills and capabilities.

Individualised insights

Scores are presented in the context of how you compare to the scale and what this means for you.

Dedicated support site

Self-serve guides to go at your own pace and explore frameworks for personal improvement.

Continuous growth

Refresh your report as your gameplay and scores change over time, see your results in action.

Play. Develop. Improve.

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